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09 Aug 2018

Well we only went and won it #broughtithome !!!! 

A fabulous performance from the boys last night to win once again the Willow cup against the Medics.... A true team performance from start to finish. Great support once again from our teammates who didnt play. 

We arrived nice and early... (well some of us #notTIM!!!!) and in particular Mr Court unheard of to be first there... And what seemed to be a somewhat different looking medics team to the one which we played in the league... The skipper once again proved what a top tosser he is by winning the toss and electing to bat on a glorious evening at St. Fagans. Playing on the main wicket with long boundaries it was a good toss to win and we hoped that runs would be put on the board..... Our openers Timbo and Mikey got to work straight away and in particular Mike in his usual swashbuckling fashion slayed the ball to the boundary at ease and quickly got to his 25 retirement. Tim ( I will play when im good and ready !!) was steady as always was joined by the skipper. A lovely boundary and then a nick behind accounted for his swift innings. Nils joined Tim and they put on a few runs and about 90 odd runs in the 11th over time to get on with it. Tim retired and Rob Johnson came in. He began to cart the ball to the boundary at ease. Nils got out with a Hoik to a straight one seeing his stumps castled. Mr Bonelle Joined the fray as Rob continued to find the boudary. Unfortunately on 24 just before retirement he hit up an easy return catch for the bowler. Lujke pushed on but got out after a quickfire 8 Rhyd, Dilum , Chris and Andy Court all came in with intent to push the runs and most got run out but in the end we got a creditable 143 on the board. 


We took the field with good intent and the ever keen RDJ was arranging the field wrongly assuming he was first up to the skippers amusement. Lukey opened and bowled well although runs were coming. RDJ at the other bowled a couple of looseners before he found his range and picked up a wicket. In his second over once again he got another one. Two down but then the next two batsmen were progressing nicely. a few boundaries and not the best fielding brought the medics back in the game... The skipper brought himself on and managed to take a good return catch. A good few overs from Rhyd and the skipper. Two batsmen were settled and both approaching retirement. Then came #burgergate... now im not 100% if im getting this right but apparently the  batsmen approaching his retirement made a comment about he nearly done and its time for burger... but he then got out to an amazing catch from Dilum at point and was helped off the field by the words go get your burger !!!... a great comeuppance indeed..... things progressed with Rob Johnson bowling nicely along with Dilum, Courty and Mikey and the medics were 112-4 with 5 overs to go. The skipper turned to the part time no-pace Nils..... after one reasonable over no one could foresee what was to happen in his next. 5 wickets fell in a crazy over. A great catch from Luke and some straight bowling tormented the lower order. At this point the game was done. Mikey finished off with an unplayable over and we had one the cup.... 

Special mention to Brian although injured he scored for us and supported as always. Vince for taking one for the team and deselecting himself even though he wasn't selected and Ryan for supporting us with his tales of Canada. Also big shout out to those that couldn't be there Gareth who was on hols , Andy Parry, Simon  and the daddy.... all who have contributed to the successful 

Back at the club the boys were gleaming after a fine victory and well you would have thought that the fines committee would have taken a day off but no as harsh as ever we all got caned by Brizer and the fines pot looking proper healthy for tour good effort lads.

Apologies in advance if the report is slightly inaccurate but hey I don't care cos we won !!!!