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Eclipse Printing CC 1st XI squad

1st XI 1st XI

Captain : Chris Hamblin

Age: Its all downhill from now on

Lookalikes: Roy Keane, Vic Reeves, Mark Watson

Favourite Band: Keane

Favourite Song: Holding out for a hero

Batting: So keen he sulks if hes below 2 in the order!

Bowling: Legend in the making

Favourite shot: Anything to the boundary

Fielding: Safe hands with a great arm

Best attribute: Working for a company that may sponsor us

Best Eclipse Moment: Deciding to join us !

Favourite Eclipse Player: To soon to tell who he dislikes least !

Previous Awards: None Yet

2018 Ambitions: Becoming the sponsor (i.e saviour of the team !!) and win lots and leave a legacy

Vice Captain : Brian Condon

Age: Age is mind of matter.. if you dont mind it doesnt matter !

Lookalike: Fred Elliott (Coronation Street), Dara O'Brain, Andy Gray Any other Bald men ! 
Favourite Band: The Wurzels

Favourite Song: Steamy Windows
Bat: Watch out he WILL run you out !
Bowl: Mr Reliable...Death bowling legend
Best Attribute: Instilling fear in his team mates.
Favourite Shot: The pool shot on the black to win the money  
Best Eclipse Moment:Persuading his daughter to be our Stats girl forever 
Favourite Eclipse Player: Jimbo he's his nemesis
Fielding Prowess: Called Buckets for a reason 
2018 Season Ambitions: Same as the last 30 years and to stay injury free!

Previous awards: Communist of the Year, The most nicknames

James Alaway

Age 5 1/2

Lookalike: Sloth from the Goonies !! Compo from Last of the summer Wine

Favourite Band : Haircut 100

Favourite Song - Big Brother Theme Tune

Bat: Left handed. We think. Good mincing between the wickets
Bowl: Left arm medium (well he was 10 years ago probably more left arm slow now!)
Best Attribute: Nipples They are like Pygmies Cocks !!
Favourite Shot: Dwarf Porn Money shot
Best Eclipse Moment: Scoring 50 not out at Penarth against L&G 7 years ago chasing down a +150 total without losing a wicket
Favourite Eclipse Player: Dogger Condon who else
Fielding Prowess: Anything will stick to these hands!
2018 Season Ambitions: To possibly play again and then masterbate while fielding on the boundary without the skipper knowing

Luke Bonelle

Age :  Old before his time

Lookalike: Gavin from Gavin & Stacy, Burn Gorman , Jimmy White

Favourite Band: Girls Aloud

Favourite Song : The Ugly Duckling

Bat: Good if he get off the dreaded duck !!
Bowl: Reliable opening stalwart !
Best Attribute: His contribution to the fines pot !
Favourite Shot: The Straight Six
Best Eclipse Moment: Brought his missus to a match - and she didn't leave him!

Favourite Eclipse Player: None, they're all evil.
Fielding Prowess: Can mince in the field with the best of 'em
2018 Season Ambitions: Hitting more sixes than anyone ! and mince less than normal !!

Ryan Butcher

Team Youngster known to borrow a thing or two from school ... or anywhere !!


Age :  Very Young

Lookalike: TBC

Favourite Band: Dr Dre

Favourite Song :SWAG

Bat: Better than his dad
Bowl: He may well do but yet to be properly seen
Best Attribute: Winding his dad up ! and eating Haribos
Favourite Shot: Probably gonna be Jaeger !
Best Eclipse Moment: Inscribing his name wherever he can

Favourite Eclipse Player: Not his dad
Fielding Prowess: Not too shabby at all
2018 Season Ambitions: Be even better than his dad (Tough ask !) (Cough Cough)

Vince Butcher

Age: Young at heart.. not on the viagra yet !

Lookalike: Peter Mandeleson
Favourite Band: Anything with boys

Favourite Song: Girls on Film !

Bat: 4 or LBW

Bowl: Who knows? Hopefully we will never find out !
Best Attribute: Porn distributor / Internet Searching
Favourite Shot: The shower close up shot
Best Eclipse Moment: Being banned from all players email lists
Favourite Eclipse Player: Not Ally when he's umpiring
Fielding Prowess: Takes some stunners drops some sitters
2018 Season Ambitions: Keep Ryan on the straight and narrow and to finally win the Perv award ! 

Andy Campbell

Age: Part of the big five-oh clu !

Lookalike: Any old grey haired middle aged ……. George Clooney!
Favourite Band: Boney M

Favourite Song: Daddy Cool
Bat: Once back in 2009
Bowl: The line and length master
Best Attribute: Excuses
Favourite Shot: Can't remember

Best Eclipse Moment: Come to daddy , obviously!

Favourite Eclipse Player: Any of the other geriatrics
Fielding Prowess: A Mixed Bag
2018 Season Ambitions: To make it some games and pull out of more games !!

Alastair Collyer

Age: A lot older than he looks !

Lookalike: Tim Henman, David Milliband
Favourite Band: Glen Madieros

Favourite Song: Coffee and TV
Bat: Still living off a few high scores from years ago
Bowl: Buys wickets like a WAG with a new credit card !
Best Attribute: Motivating the team, and trumping on request.
Favourite Shot: A Double Espresso
Best Eclipse Moment: Being skipper a few years back in the "good ol days !!"
Favourite Eclipse Player: An Ex-Skipper can't have favourites!
Fielding Prowess: The broken body still tries its best
2011 Season Ambitions: To shave more than once a week

Previous awards : Player of the year back when he was good !

2018 Season Ambitions: To come back and play for us !!!

Andy Court

Age: Evergreen and ageless

Lookalike: Jedward =(Both of them!) John Malkovich, Dennis Law, Brian Murphy (George Roper)
Favourite Band: Jedward

Favourite Song: Barbie Girl

Bat: Varied with a lot of twirling between shots
Bowl: Trusty cup bowler
Best Attribute: Talking Filth 
Favourite Shot: The Facial
Best Eclipse Moment: Being the best looking thing behind the stumps since Heather Mills- McCartney's Muff !

Favourite Eclipse Player: All they share more than just initials on tour !
Fielding Prowess: Evergreen behind the stumps
2018 Season Ambitions: To make sure the funds are good enough for a 5* holiday

Previous Awards: Perv of the Year 117 times in a row !

Rhydian Deighton-Jones

2016 Season Highlights

Failed to reach the boundary but a master of the late cut !

Scored 16 runs with a top score of 12

Failed to deliver his excellent indoor form into the outside game

Slow between the wickets for a young man !!

Dodgy fielding...

Like Father like son ????

Rob Deighton-Jones

Age: The big Five-Oh

Lookalike: Colin Montgomery, Boss Hogg , Mrs Doubtfire
Favourite Band: ABC, Duran Duran, Madness, Status Quo

Favourite song: Rock DJ

Bat: Not known for a quick single 

Bowl: Great spin with the odd bit of filth thrown in !
Best Attribute: A Healthy Appetite
Favourite Shot: The leg side smear !
Best Eclipse Moment: Producing two future players before getting his tubes cut and tied !!
Favourite Eclipse Player: Anyone who takes catches of his bowling
Fielding Prowess: Like a mighty Oak !
2018 Season Ambitions: To stay ahead of his kids ! Educate umpires of the rules about no balls (beamers!!!)

Previous Awards: Champagne moment 2015

Simon Elliott
Lookalike: A maniac killer
Favourite Band: Athlete (obviously)
Bat: Steady
Bowl: The cause of more stumpings than an Afghan mine field.
Best Attribute: Often brings the cool box
Favourite Shot: As a wine salesman, any shot is his favourite
Best Eclipse Moment: Turning the match with his bowling v's Consmen 2010

Favourite Eclipse Player: Dorothy
Fielding Prowess: Puts his hands where most of us wouldn't put our feet
2011 Season Ambitions: To run out the entire team.
Niluka Eratne

Age: The big Four-oh

Lookalike: Apu from the Simpsons , Murali
Favourite Band: The Shirehorses

Favourite Song: Blockbusters Them tune
Bat: Got all the shots but forgotten them lately !! 
Bowl: Needs more chances (Nudge Nudge Skipper)
Best Attribute: TV Show experiencer
Favourite Shot: The Slog
Best Eclipse Moment: Out Eating RDJ in the breakfast challenge Weston 2014
Favourite Eclipse Player: Brizer 

Fielding Prowess: No butter on those fingers
2018 Season Ambitions: To properly deserve the regression award !!!

Previous Awards : Horse Abuse 2012, Regression 2014/2015

Gareth Evans

Age: Still on his side.. just !

Lookalike: Anything alien like , Peter Crouch

Favourite band: All the Welsh ones

Favourite song: Mulder and Scully

Batting: Middle order stalwart

Bowling: Good when hes got his socks on

Fielding: Brave with a good arm

Favourite shot: Down the ground

Best attribute: Complete all rounder

Best Eclipse moment: Retiring several times in first season

Favourite Eclipse player: All the Welsh ones

Previous Awards: None yet watch this space

2018 Ambitions:Wickets and Boundaries a plenty please !!


Rob Johnson

Age: Still on his side ... Just

Lookalikes: Don Johnson, Claire Balding, Shane Warne

Favourite Band: Miami Sound Machine

Favourite Song: Doctor Pressure

Batting: There's class in there

Bowling: Sometimes pitches it a little short

Favourite shot : the Off drive

Fielding: Brave with a good arm

Best attribute : Mincing between the wickets and paying fines

Best Eclipse moment: Nearly bowling a bouncer into his own face !

Favourite Eclipse Player: The Skipper

Previous Awards: None.. yet

2018 Season Ambitions: A bit of length mixed in with the occasional line !!

Andrew Parry

Age: If he was a horse they'd be loading the gun now....

Lookalikes: Wicket the Ewok, Kurt Russell, Lee Majors

Favourite Band: Band Aid

Favourite Song: Casualty Theme Tune

Batting: Agricultural and brutal

Bowling: Stand and Deliver

Favourite Shot: The stand and Deliver

Fielding: Fearless / Safe hands

Best attribute: the complete all rounder

Best Eclipse moment: Taking a 5 for in 2014

Favourite Eclipse player: He tolerates us all 

Previous Awards: Bowling performance of 2014

2017 Season Ambitions: To drag himself out for another year 

Dylan Powell

Age: Quite a bit these days

Lookalike: Plug from bash street kids, Pierce Brosnan, Gary Cahill
Favourite Band:
Anything from the swinging 60's
Bat: Long levers. The ball stays hit!
Bowl: A mixed bag of brilliance and beamers
Best Attribute: Long levers
Favourite Shot: The straight six
Best Eclipse Moment:That huge 6
Favourite Eclipse Player: Gok
Fielding Prowess: Great arm and safe hands

Previous Awards: Literature 2015
2017 Season Ambitions: To get his moneys worth from that bat

Tim Richardson

Age: Old enough to know better

Lookalikes: Tintin, Prince William, Beezlebub

Favourite Band: Prince

Favourite Song: You must be evil

Batting: Boycottesque opener, Holds the top order together

Bowling: Onle let loose in friendlies and the Cup

Fielding: Its a long way from up there !!

Favourite shot: The forward defence

Best attribute: wringing fines from the team

Best Eclipse moment: Sweeping the board in the 2012 awards

Favourite Eclipse player: They are all there to abuse !!

Previous Awards : Newcomer and batsmen of the year 2012

2018 Season Ambitions: To bankrupt the team and complete a run in three strides !!!

Christopher Stork

Lookalike: A thin Version of himself a few years ago, Where's Wally, Charles Hawtrey, Elton John
Favourite Band: Elton John's number 1 fan

Favourite Song: Anything by Sir Elton
Bat: Top Order although we cant remember why!!
Bowl: They come down with snow !!
Best Attribute: Makes it all happen he made the club what it is
Favourite Shot: Reverse sweep

Fielding: Better than his throwing
Best Eclipse Moment: First Eclipse player to play the reverse sweep
Favourite Eclipse Player: Jimbo

Previous Awards: Clubman of the year 117 times in a row !!
2018 Season Ambitions: Now the skinniest player at the club time to educate those that are portions large !!!

Mike Williams

Age: Still got time on his hands .. Just

Lookalike: Worzel Gummidge , Beavis
Favourite Band: Bananaram

Favourite Song: Venus
Bat: A Match Winner
Bowl: Fast.. Scary Fast
Best Attribute: Use of the word Gash
Favourite Shot: Flick off legs for 6 or 4
Best Eclipse Moment: Not causing a fight against the Cavaliers when he was umpiring
Favourite Eclipse Player: His Sister Serena
Fielding Prowess: Quick and agile. Demon of a throw!

Previous Awards: Bowling, Batting, clothing and haircut awards
2011 Season Ambitions: More of the same

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